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Why Choose a Dartmoor?

Child's First Pony
The Dartmoor makes an excellent child's first pony. Their calm, consistent, quiet disposition encourages novice riders both in and out of the show ring. Pony ownership provides children a way to learn responsibility, moral judgement, leadership and self-confidence skills that last a lifetime.


Riding and Jumping
With their exceptional mental attitude, Dartmoors are perfect as childrens' riding and show ponies. They are ideal for small children learning to jump. Being very brave and possessing powerful rear quarters, they are solid and safe jumpers. Older children and adult riders appreciate the larger crossbred Dartmoor. 


Adults and older children find the Dartmoor ideally suited as a driving pony. Combining a quiet disposition, inherent hardiness and great work ethic, they excel in competition or pleasure driving. Driving enthusiasts are proving just how great these ponies are!


Conservation in Action
The Dartmoor pony is a rare breed. With only a handful of these delightful ponies left in the entire world, it can be a very satisfying experience to get involved in the movement to preserve the breed.



COLOR - Bay, brown, black and occasionally grey, chestnut or roan. White markings on the head and legs should be minimal.

SIZE - Sturdily built, yet full of quality, ranging in height from 11 to 12.2 hands

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