DPRA Information

Who are we?

Founded in 1956, the Dartmoor Pony Registry of America is a small, private organization which maintains the official studbook for Dartmoor ponies in America. We maintain a database on DPRA-registered Dartmoors and provide information about the breed with a free pamphlet, our website, attendance at equine exhibitions, and articles and advertisements in various publications. 

Although primarily a Registry, the DPRA welcomes anyone interested in the Dartmoor pony to join and help spread the word about these wonderful ponies.

Membership Fees:

  • Full member: $25/year
  • Junior member (under 18): $5/year
  • Life member: $200

 Registration Fees: members (non-members)

  • Colts or fillies - $15 ($30)
    To be registered by Dec 31 of their second year. 
    Fees double after Dec 31 deadline.
    Re-registration of colt to stallion - $50 ($100)
  • Transfer of ownership - $5 ($5)
  • Replacement registration certificate - $10 ($10)
    In addition to transfer fee. Issued if original lost or destroyed.
  • Registration of imported ponies - $5 ($10)
  • Registration of prefix - $5 ($5)
    Members may use prefixes to their ponies' names. 
    Prefixes must be registered with the DPRA.
  • Half-bred registry - $15 ($30)

Dartmoor Breeders List: Send information and check for $25/yr to DPRA Secretary.